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Interview with Nicky Venus – EP Release

With nothing more than a laptop, backpack, and an unmailed letter, he searched the world and eventually found himself in The East. From Manila to Tokyo, from nights lit by moon and candlelight to those drenched in the glare of LED and neon, from humble villages to extravagant hotels and nightclubs, NV found inspiration in the heart and soul of Asia. The result of his journey is the album Little Runner, a highly danceable album about suffering for love.

I had the privilege to ask Nicky Venus a couple of questions about his journey.

Hi Nicky, can you introduce yourself for those who may not have heard of you?

My name is Nicky Venus. I am a producer/songwriter out of San Diego, California. I write love songs in the form of synthpop/electronic music.

What inspired you to become a musician and how did you start?

I grew up around music. My mom and other family members are musicians/creatives and for this I feel very greatful. I started out playing drums in 4th grade music class because my girlfriend played clarinet and I could get out of social studies for a little while. I moved from drums in indie rock bands to writing songs and falling in love with electronic sounds.

Is there a stand-out moment that’s happened to you so far? How did that come across?

Putting tracks out online and seeing it reach people across the globe.

What was the biggest challenge you managed to overcome?

Figuring out how to sing and write songs. I don’t think that challenge will ever be “overcome”, but I feel fortunate to have started down the path.

I’ve noticed you were the opening act for many important shows, how does it feel to play next to big artists like We Are Scientists and Zella Day?

Humbled and inspired for sure. These guys got to where they are for a reason and it’s great to see behind the scenes and soak it in.

You are releasing your new EP soon, tell us more about it!

Yes I am! It’s 6 songs exploring the idea of love called “Little Runner.” I was on a solo trip around southeast Asia after a breakup. Travel is great for mending heartache and it’s hard not to be inspired by the neon lights, foreign languages and fast trains. I brought my laptop, some simple recording gear and made music every chance I got. The result was this record and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I have to give shoutouts to my bandmate Daniel Crawford who co-produced the record and to Brian Karscig (Louis XIV) who worked on Little Runner with me.

What are your future plans?

I already have another EP worth of material and I plan on releasing them one by one starting in February. I’m off to China in a couple days so looking forward to what tracks come out of that trip.

Thanks Nicky for this inspiring journey. Really looking forward to your next tracks, but for now listen to the just-released EP “Little Runner”.

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